Let’s get philosophical about fitness!

Posted by admin on August 2, 2011 in Goal Setting, Personal Reflections |

Have you ever stopped to think about your philosophies for fitness? You know – those beliefs and values that keep you going, inspire you, challenge you to be at your best.  If you have never thought about it, you might be surprised what is at work in the back of your mind.  You may find some mental clutter that is actually working against you and your goals.  Or you may discover some gems that keep you focused and motivated.


Take some time to write down what your fundamental philosophies are in this area of your life.  If there is a belief that weighs you down and works against your success, make note of it.  Time to explore that belief and find a way to change it for the positive (or just leave it behind).


I recently wrote down my philosophies in this area of my life.  There are eight.  Here they are:


1. Make your body (and your mind) the top priority in your life. When you do, everything else seems to fall into place.


2. Think and act “integration.” When fitness becomes another “to do”item on your list, you risk not getting it done.  When it is integrated into your everyday life, it will naturally get done.  Just like brushing your teeth every morning (you do, don’t you?)


3. Excel at the basics – sleeping, eating, and breathing.  We need the right amount of sleep for survival, we need food to nourish our bodies, and we need oxygen to live.  Be sure to get these right!


4. Create your environment of success. We can be armed with the best know-how, yet be tripped up by some trigger in our environment.  Remove or leave behind whatever in your environment that does not serve you well.  This means more than sweets or snacks in your pantry.  It could very well be the type of work you do, the people you hang out with, the clutter in your home or office….change it if it does not serve your fitness (and health) well.


5. Learn to be a great competitor. Someone reminded me of a great quote the other day – Life is not a marathon, it is a series of sprints.  Channel the great competitor in you as you sprint – race well!


6. Once you start, don’t stop. Momentum is your best friend here….mindfully do something for your fitness every day, even if it is taking a 10 minute break or getting to bed 15 minutes early.


7. Strive to be better NOT perfect. Trying to be perfect puts way too much stress on each decision and each action we take.  Just strive to be better and you will stay on course.


8. Strengthen your mind/body connection. These two go together.  Work on one when you work on the other.  Your body can be a great radar system for what is going on in your life; learn to listen to it and take action based upon its wisdom


From time to time, I add to the list and take some things off of the list.  It depends on the lesson I am learning at the time about my body, my mind, and myself.  I like that about this list…..it moves with me.  It is not a rigid list of things I gotta believe or take action on.  It reflects what is most important to me and what helps me be successful.


What are you going to put on your list?





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